Fighting Hunger Locally

Hunger is not just a developing countries problem thousands of miles away.  People pass you every day – families, children, the vulnerable, the unemployed…

All it takes is a sudden, unexpected event – a bereavement, illness, redundancy – to throw people into a genuine crisis.  This is where the food bank can literally be a lifeline to families and individuals who find themselves in this situation.

The food bank provides people with the essentials at a time when they need them most, filling the gap of days – or sometimes weeks – before other parts of our social infrastructure can come into play.  We receive donations of dried and canned food (also toiletries) mainly from churches, our own church members, schools and local residents.

Food parcels are made available to local families and individuals who contact the church with a need, maybe themselves, a neighbor, co-worker, friend, or a stranger they’ve met.

Food bank can also provide toiletries such as toilet rolls, soap, shower gel and toothpaste as well as nappies and baby food.



 “No Hunger During Summer!”

In our community alone there are currently 50 children participating in the

Back Pack Buddies program through our local Elementary Schools.

This program addresses hunger that occurs over the weekend. Red Oak UMC wants to address the hunger that these participants experience throughout the SUMMER. Our goal is to provide Breakfast, Lunch, & a Snack seven days a week for these participants as well as provide 3 dinners a week for the 12 weeks that make up the summer break. To make this program successful we will need the help from our community raising the funds to purchase the food, volunteers to pack the families weekly groceries, and to assist the families when they come to pick up their groceries as well as help deliver to those families who may not have transportation.

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