The Lucy McKeel 5K for Kids Run

Save The Date: Saturday November 30th, 2019

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Why the name change?

Lucy McKeel’s love for children and education was evident during her time volunteering during our Summer Literacy Camps. The first year hosting the camp Lucy called and wanted to help anyway she could, she wanted to be involved in  making a difference in children’s lives. Lucy’s eyes would light up brighter than the North Star while voluntering during the 3 week camps. This provided her an opportunity for Lucy to combine two of her loves, her love for God and her love for the education of children. Lucy’s life touched many members of the Red Oak community in many ways. After speaking with her family we knew we wanted to continue sharing Lucy’s love for education and what better way to honor Lucy by renaming the Fruit of Spirit 5k to The Lucy McKeel 5k for Kids Run.


What is the Lucy McKeel 5K for Kids Run?

In 2014 Red Oak United Methodist Church hosted the first annuel Fruit of the Spirit 5K. This event was started as a way to fund a 3 week Summer Literacy Camp for children entering grades K-3rd grade. The race has provided the opportunity for over 30 children to attend a 3 week summer camp that provides two hot meals, hours of working on maintaining as well as building on their literacy levels, and providing them with books and school supplies. This race provides an opportunity for you to help make a difference in many different ways. We invite you first to participate by walking or running in the race, we also need volunteers to make the day successful, as well as sponsors. The race is not successful without the combination of participants, volunteers and sponsors, and we know together we will make a difference in the lives of many children and the legacy of Lucy McKeel will continue.